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Finally, A effective and easy tool to track
your Sales force daily performance.
  • Live Tracking of personal
  • Personal Meetings, Calls & Review
  • Automated & Manual Conveyance Calculation
  • Manage/Track personal shift, Leave, Overtime & Holidays.
  • Employee self service

Employees can clock in from any android or IOS Smart phone you approve.

Whether it's through android or IOS Smart phone, you choose how and where employees are allowed to clock in. We track information like GPS Location. Realtime picture time and date. so you know exactly where they're clocking from.

Multiple Attendance Options with ONtime

When your employees are in the office, they can register their attendance through the Biometric Machine, IRIS device and Finger scanner, but when they are in the field, they can simply record their attendance through ON-time Employee Manager accessible on their 2G/3G-enabled Smart-phones, right from the location of their first assignment of the day.

# Onsite Attendance Punch attendance through ON-time Employee Manager app, right from the location of their first meeting
# Finger Scanner Eliminate Buddy punching as employees can punch their attendance through Finger print scanners when they are in Office.
# Iris With Very high accuracy, Iris recognition is more accurate than either fingerprints or facial, which is important where the standard is a zero error rate.
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Attendance Registration @ Head Office

As soon as the attendance is registered through ON-time Employee Manager, it gets reflected in reports at the Head Office with the image of the employee, his exact location and the specific Date & Time.

Send Expense Details to HO

Through this application, an employee can enter the daily expenses, if any, along
with the picture of the receipts which become accessible for the signing authorities.

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Realtime Tracking of Juniors

Employees at higher rung can track their juniors working in any location in real-time. Seniors can review and analyze their daily meeting details (Customer Name, Location, Meeting Remarks etc)
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Employees Can View & Review Their Work

Since ON-time Employee Manager is a quintessential cloud-based application, employees can also view and review their work and progress on a regular basis by logging into

Upload Order and Reports

The employee can upload orders, if any, in his reports.
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Accuracy and Efficiency

We precisely track both the location and time of your employees throughout the day. View easy-to-read date & time stamped actions and interactive maps showing you employee locations as they check in. Track with Ontime

Make Staff Communication Easy, Fast, and Reliable

Communicating with staff can be time-consuming and unreliable. Finding a replacement, filling an open shift or even just letting everyone know about the staff meeting tomorrow can be a challenge. With OTEM group email and text service, you can communicate with your staff in one click. There are powerful email and text message alert mechanisms in place to ensure everyone knows where they need to be and when.

Data Access from Server

Moreover, the employee can also access his partner's database, contacts & leads while being on the move. Contact details can be updated on the move which simultaneously get transferred to the Central Server Location.

Track Payroll Expenses & Budget Better

The Scheduler provides detailed resource and budget management information. Easily track personnel by position, hours, or payroll expenses. In one click see your payroll forecast and overtime expenses.

Multiple Units? No Problem.

ONtime Employee Manager lets you switch between locations as you track sales team from different locations/branches, allowing you keep track on sales force of each of the location simultaneously but entirely separate from one another. You can even at a glance see who's inactive when and where.

And much much more...

We're constantly adding new features and improving our
software, so we recommend you try our free 15-day trial! More features:

Employee self service
Manager Self Service
User Management
Import from CSV
Sms & E-mail integration
  • Manual time entry
  • Clock time rounding
  • Message employees in the app
  • Share payslips with employees
  • Eliminate buddy clocking
  • Time off requests
  • Timesheet edit requests
  • Track deductions and reimbursements
  • Allow employees to write a work report
  • Stay secure with SSL encryption
AN INNOVATIVE APPROACH TO TIME TRACKING Monitoring and organizing each employee's hours logged, as well as location and job site information no longer needs to be a time consuming task.
FREE APP AVAILABLE ON BOTH IOS AND ANDROID Our cloud based time tracking app lets you oversee your workforce in real-time, using company or personal devices.

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