Advantages of the Cloud

The Ontime Employee Manager System was built to leverage the power of cloud computing for time and attendance tracking. Traditional time and attendance solutions fall short for most businesses as they do not provide real-time data when, where, and how the business administrator needs it!

The Ontime System is the first affordable system that leverages the power of cloud computing by combining low-cost web-based timeclocks with powerful software hosted in the cloud.

The Cloud Advantage is clear:

  •  Access data in real-time from any computer with Internet access
  •  No need to install, maintain, or upgrade software
  •  No expensive computers to purchase or maintain
  •  Data is secured and stored for account lifetime
  •  Manage multiple locations without networking computers or servers
  •  Manage a varied workforce with clock punches, smartphone app punches, and web punches all through one interface
  •  Pay as you go – no expensive up-front equipment or set up fees
  •  Receive real-time alerts to your email


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