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Employee management for the most affordable price on the market.


Determining hours worked is easy. Just select the dates and we do the rest.


Because Ontime Employee Manager live in the cloud you can use it to manage employee world wide.

Location Savy

You will know where everyone is when they clock in and out.

iPhone & Android Apps

Beautifully built iPhone and Android apps make it easy for everyone in your workforce to start using timecards right away.

Easy to Use

Enable your workforce to intuitively log their time, using the same User-Friendly experience they are used to on their phones.

Fast to Use

Enable your workforce to quickly log their time, without a long multi-step input process.

Web Managing Dashboard

Web app designed with busy people in mind. Managing Ontime Employee Manager is as simple as filtering dates.

Add as Many Users as You Need

5 employees, 100 employees, more? No problem. Add as many as you need.

Manage employees in Realtime

Through your mobile GPS, Employees can be tracked in realtime.

Calculate's Daily conveyance

Daily kilometer's traveled by the employee can be calculated in Realtime.

Now-a-days, man-power-cost has become excruciatingly pinching for companies. Wastage of working hours by the employees, their less productivity & conspicuously a lesser output against the huge costs spent on them has become the real concern for today’s corporate circles.

When you assign your sales team with the field work, you don’t exactly know the whereabouts of the staff. Or are they really working? You don’t have any option apart from going by what they tell you. Do you have any Solution to this? After a Deep drilling of the problem and understanding the recurrent inconsistencies found in Daily reporting by various outdoor-employees, Secureye, a global giant in security & surveillance has come up with the solution. A mobile application, ON-time Employee Manager, coupled with the Time & Attendance Biometric Machine, is an ideal mechanism for all the companies having field staff.

Onsite Attendance

When your employees are in the office, they can register their attendance through the Biometric Machine, but when they are in the field, they can simply record their attendance through ON-time Employee Manager accessible on their 2G/3G-enabled Smart-phones, right from the location of their first assignment of the day.

Attendance Registration @ Head Office

As soon as the attendance is registered through ON-time Employee Manager, it gets reflected in reports at the Head Office with the image of the employee, his exact location and the specific Date & Time.

Work Schedule

Employees can schedule their daily plans easily with ON-time Employee Manager assisting them to navigate through the routes of daily engagements.

Whole Day Monitoring

With ON-time Employee Manager in place, you can keep a tab on your employee’s whole-day activities like how much time exactly he spends on each assignment and how many meetings he manages to pull off in a day. This enables you to assess his daily productivity.

Send Feedback after Meeting

Capturing notes right after a meeting is critical. ON-time Employee Manager makes it quick and easy for the employee to put his meeting-remarks right after the meeting and that automatically get updated in his reports.

Automatic Conveyance Calculation

This Smart-phone-based application also keeps track of your employee’s daily cumulative travel as it automatically calculates the kilometers and shows them in the reports.

Send Expense Details to HO

Through this application, an employee can enter the daily expenses, if any, along with the picture of the receipts which become accessible for the signing authorities.

Upload Reports

The employee can upload orders, if any, in his reports.

Data Access from Server

Moreover, the employee can also access his partner’s database, contacts & leads while being on the move. Contact details can be updated on the move which simultaneously get transferred to the Central Server Location.

Realtime Tracking of Juniors

Additionally, employees at higher rung can track their juniors working in any location in real-time.

Employees Can View & Review Their Work

Since ON-time Employee Manager is a quintessential cloud-based application, employees can also view and review their work and progress on a regular basis by logging into

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